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Brentano’s Tree Farm

  • Produce Over 250 Varieties of Container Grown Shade, Flowering and Fruit Trees in #7, #15
    and #25 Pots
  • Pot-in-Pot System Provides Availability of Top Quality Trees at Any Time of Year
  • Details from Proper Planting Depth to Pruning to an Outside Bud Assure Delivery of a
    Superior Product
  • Custom Picture Tags for Your Company including SKUs, Bar Codes and Pricing
  • Oregon Grown Provides Longer Growing Season for Superior Caliper and Canopy

Countryside Nursery/Fairdale

  • Oregon-grown Line of Quality Plant Material Ranging from the Basics to the Unusual
  • Field-grown Specimens and Container-grown Plants to Fill the Needs of Landscapers and Retailers
  • Specializing in Japanese Maples, Grafted Conifers, Broadleaves, and Flowering Shrubs
  • Broad Selection of 10 Gallon Conifers for Field-grown Quality in a Convenient Retail Package
  • 5 Gallon Time $aver Program of Grafted Conifers for Retail Sales or High-grade Field Liners

Kankakee Nursery Co.

  • In Operation Since 1925, Kankakee Nursery is a Fourth-Generation, Family-Owned Grower of Shade
    and Ornamental Trees and Evergreens on 2,500 acres in Aroma Park, IL
  • Specialize in both Balled & Burlapped and Containerized Plants with over 200 Varieties
    Currently in Production
  • Around 50% of Production Comes From In-House Propagation of Selected Varieties of Trees and
  • Continuously Expanding Assortment of Native Trees
  • Making Strides to Reduce Carbon Footprint by Growing Container Trees and Evergreens in Root
    Pouch Grow Bags that Provide Dense, Fibrous Root Systems and are Made From 100% Recycled Water
    Bottles. Goal is to Eventually Eliminate Use of Plastic Containers Altogether

Kuykendall Nursery

  • Superior Tennessee Grower of Ball & Burlapped Shade and
    Flowering Trees
  • Strong Focus on Straight Leaders and Extensive Pruning for Full, Well Branched Heads
  • Small Family Business Focused on Active Growth Looking to the Future

Midwest Groundcovers LLC

  • Over 700 Acres of Container Nursery Stock Production Based Out of St. Charles, IL
  • Grower of Much More Than Groundcovers – Including Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Shrubs, and
  • Grower of Many of the Finest Brands in the Industry as well as Exclusive Internal Brands
  • Seasonal Programs (Bud & Bloom, Fall Collection, and Winter Collection) Provide Color at
    Peak Times
  • Custom Color Label Program for Independent Garden Centers and Job Site Delivery for Landscapers

Winkelmolen Nursery

  • Family Owned and Operated 875 Acre Nursery in Ontario Canada
  • Offer Bare Root and Container Grown Products
  • Grower of High Quality Native & Ornamental Shade Trees and Shrubs
  • Produce Shrubs on Standards and Conifers

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David Answers my Questions.

Go ahead and give him a call 260.750.2197

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About David Kieser



I provide nursery representation throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Nashville. I operate as the exclusive representative for a select group of nurseries from Illinois, Oregon, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada.

I help you partner with each grower and give you full access to a diverse palette of plant material. I move quickly to secure for you the absolute best product at an excellent value by providing relevant information and crop photos, up-to-date availability, and fair pricing. Most importantly, I back all with timely follow-up and responsive service.


I care about serving you as well as forming long term friendships and it is evident. I always have your best interest in mind. As I like to say, “It’s not about me, it’s about you…and your customer.”


I go the “extra mile” to get you the products and answers you need in a timely way. I make every effort to be consistent and “keep you in the loop” so that unpleasant surprises are avoided.


I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture with Highest Honors from the University of Illinois. I am a continual student and use my love of learning to be a source of current information for you.

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